Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitta, Please

Mike Bryant: Rock God

His words, not mine. But I won't argue.

I love, love, love his gangsta rap, "Knitta, Please."

Visit his site (link in the title) and look for MP3 Player & Downloads.

Once you dye it black, ya nevah go back....


iheartsnowcaps said...

Knitta, Please. I LOVE IT! Once I got to the once you dye it black, you neva go back...I was gasping for air. That is too funny! I am so going to have to steal the Knitta, Please line. Don't be surprised if you see it pop up on Craftster in the near future.

KhandiKraft said...

I like big...NEEDLES! BWAHAHAHAHAAHA! It's a great tune :)

gerrijo said...

Miss Paula, I didn't know you started a bloggity blog! You need to keep making posts so I can see what other awesome things you are working on.