Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitta, Please

Mike Bryant: Rock God

His words, not mine. But I won't argue.

I love, love, love his gangsta rap, "Knitta, Please."

Visit his site (link in the title) and look for MP3 Player & Downloads.

Once you dye it black, ya nevah go back....

The Great Washcloth-along of 2007

I've never been a washcloth kind of a gal. Pesky things, really. Never got the hang of them. If you could get the hang of a piece of cloth with soapy suds on it, I suppose. And it's just one more thing to launder. H'rumph!

But the 50+ washcloth-along on Craftster has given me a whole new appreciation of the soggy li'l buggers.

Look at a couple of my lovelies:


This gem was finished by candlelight during a power outage last month. No power for four-plus hours; how would YOU finish knitting?

If only my crafty sistahs of yore could have seen me (by candlelight, natch!)....

This feather and Fan was also brought to you by the amazing Craftster, Kbauer. She and I swapped cotton yarn and I produced this. Kbauer is a washcloth powerhouse! I don't know how she does it: two adorable kids and husband and a sweetie-pie chihuahua...AND she's still has the time to crank out the cloths! She has me on my toes....

Check out her blog, I Craft, Therefore I Am (link under Crafty Links) and see some of the awesomeness coming off her hooks and stix.


Sorry, I have no witty stories to go with this one. No, I didn't finish this one during a hurricane, or delivering a baby in the backseat of a cab. Just sitting and knitting. While watching Serenity. Hey, it's something!